Welcome to the Scott and Jean Archives.

This archive project was inspired by the urge to record all notable appearances (no matter how minor) of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, preserving the couple’s legacy. Scott and Jean have been a defining part of each other’s lives since the beginning; they were meant to be.

Through pain and passion, through sorrow and hope. Through death and through life, Whatever tomorrow brings, we will face it together. ~ the wedding of Scott and Jean, X-Men #30


12/20/14: X-Men Vol 3 #15

In the past, Scott and Warren arrive to stop Magneto. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver choose to stand up to Magneto and together with Scott and Warren, try to take down Magneto and the Evolutionaries. Quicksilver sees his sister get hurt as he is taking Emma to safety. The Evolutionaries see that Magneto does not have control over even his own team and questions his leadership.

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12/13/14: X-Men Vol 3 #14

2.7 million years ago, the Eternals are making final preparations to equip the Evolutionaries with the power, skills and armory necessary to carry out their mission. But the Eternals are unable to help them any further as they have already broke the celestial rules by creating the Evolutionaries.

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12/06/14: X-Men Vol 3 #13

2.7 million years ago, the Evolutionaries were early homo sapiens who were saved by “the gods”, their wounded bodies “knit back together by nanotechnology”, and assigned a “purpose”: “to watch over and defend any emerging species, whatever was the most promising from an evolutionary standpoint”.

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