Welcome to the Scott and Jean Archives.

This archive project was inspired by the urge to record all notable appearances (no matter how minor) of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, preserving the couple's legacy. Scott and Jean have been a defining part of each other's lives since the beginning; they were meant to be.

Through pain and passion, through sorrow and hope. Through death and through life, Whatever tomorrow brings, we will face it together. ~ the wedding of Scott and Jean, X-Men #30


03/10: Apologies for a broken site

For the past month, many of you would have noticed that the site is broken. sj.com had been running on an unstable version of Joomla to the point where the cms system was not going to be maintained by my web host. Long story short, I needed to find a new content management solution. In the meantime, the site had long needed a redesign. This is a preview of the new site, and hopefully I'll find time to get the full site up and running sooner than later. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


00/00: Hooray! This site is responsive...sort of

Resize your browser window (grab the bottom right corner and drag to make the window bigger or smaller) and watch the text and images flow and resize to fit the window. Neat, huh? :-)


00/00: This is a 3rd update pod

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